PTTC Seminars List

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Course Date Contact Person Contact No.
Doing Business with Europe for SMEs 10/21/2015 Ms. Ann Reyes 9494054
Briefing on Food Safety 5/8/2013 Rosslyn Tragico NOT AVAILABLE
Franchise Business Operations 5/7/2013 Henette Florentino NOT AVAILABLE
Lean Manufacturing 5/6/2013 Aileen Malacaste NOT AVAILABLE
How to Cost and Price Your Product 5/3/2013 Eva Ancheta NOT AVAILABLE
Business Plan Appreciation Course 5/3/2013 Susan Bellezo NOT AVAILABLE
ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Awareness 5/3/2013 Did Nieves NOT AVAILABLE
Business Career Talks 5/3/2013 Susan Bellezo NOT AVAILABLE
Export Marketing Process 5/2/2013 Eva Ancheta NOT AVAILABLE
3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) 4/30/2013 Len Ragamat NOT AVAILABLE
Understanding Trade Marks, Patents and Copyrights 4/30/2013 Henette Florentino NOT AVAILABLE
Finance and Investment 4/26/2013 Susan Bellezo NOT AVAILABLE
Wealth Management 4/26/2013 Susan Bellezo NOT AVAILABLE
Materials Management and Inventory Control 4/25/2013 Len Ragamat NOT AVAILABLE
Franchise Legal Aspects 4/25/2013 Henette Florentino NOT AVAILABLE
Business Writeshop: Effective Technical Workplace Writing 4/25/2013 Susan Bellezo NOT AVAILABLE
Customs Valuation/Tariff Classification 4/25/2013 Henette Florentino NOT AVAILABLE
BIR Matters for MSMEs 4/25/2013 Eva Ancheta NOT AVAILABLE
Efffective Leadership Skills 4/24/2013 Carlo Guiyab NOT AVAILABLE
Putting Your Business Online (e-Marketing) 4/24/2013 Gerald David NOT AVAILABLE
Time Management 4/19/2013 Len Ragamat NOT AVAILABLE
Transportation and Distribution Management 4/18/2013 Eva Ancheta NOT AVAILABLE
Basic Financial Statements 4/18/2013 Eva G. Ancheta NOT AVAILABLE
Supervisory Effectiveness for Improved Quality and Productivity 4/17/2013 Carlo Guiyab NOT AVAILABLE
Current Good Manufacturing Practices 4/17/2013 Rosslyn Tragico NOT AVAILABLE
Web Design Using JOOMLA (EXTENSION) 4/17/2013 Gerald David NOT AVAILABLE
Effective Negotiation and Selling Techniques 4/17/2013 Henette Florentino NOT AVAILABLE
Briefing on Food Labelling Requirements 4/17/2013 Rosslyn Tragico NOT AVAILABLE
Franchise Business Planning 4/16/2013 Henette Florentino NOT AVAILABLE
ISO/IEC 17025 Standard for Laboratory Management System Documentation 4/16/2013 Did Nieves NOT AVAILABLE
The KAIZEN Philosophy 4/16/2013 Cris Cua NOT AVAILABLE
How to Start a Business 4/16/2013 Maria Joey Urmeneta NOT AVAILABLE
Financial Planning 4/15/2013 Susan Bellezo NOT AVAILABLE
Japanese Business Language: Level 1 4/13/2013 Susan Bellezo NOT AVAILABLE
Business Options: Franchising a Foodcart Business 4/12/2013 Susan Bellezo NOT AVAILABLE
Six Sigma 4/12/2013 Aileen Malacaste NOT AVAILABLE
Audit for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points 4/11/2013 Rosslyn Tragico NOT AVAILABLE
Franchise Business Concept 4/11/2013 Henette Florentino NOT AVAILABLE
Internal Quality Audit 4/10/2013 Cris Cura NOT AVAILABLE
Web Graphic Design Using Adobe Photoshop CS3 4/10/2013 Gerald David NOT AVAILABLE
Basic Business Recording 4/5/2013 Susan Bellezo NOT AVAILABLE

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